Tourist guide of spaces disappeared by time

work in progress , started Air DCR Gueststudios ,Den Haag – Netherland
(Map located between end of 1918 and beginnings of 1939,1ª and 2ª world war).

Start of the journey_point nº22

The map as experience /” Psychography “of the routes.
The city as a place of research. Discover the city with the eyes of a “tourist”, using the file, the document as an artistic and research channel. Point 22 of the map is the beginning of my journey, following the direction of the map on the cover page, it indicates the old office of tourist information, at present…..what can I find?
Environment + experience / memory = space / time

Cover = Address of the tourist office POINT 22

The address that appears on the cover, would be the old tourism office of the Hague, located in the Hotel Paulez (point of origin n. 22, which gives rise to the title of the work, meeting center of personalities attending the first congresses of peace). Bombed by the British troops in 1932. Currently we find the American Embassy. As I delved into the history and memory of the place, I found it more fascinating in dialogue that was established between the map, territory and human experience fleeing the city of “souvenirs”, the redesigned image of the tourist guides and the “tourist” himself .

Artist Studio / Research process

Artistic project that arises as a result of one’s personal experience, during the stay in the international residence of artists in the DCR studios, The Hague, Holland.

The work was born unexpectedly, when the map came to my hands and I tried to get to know the city, getting away from the stereotypes. Giving value to the action of walking as a construction of sculptures drawn in empty space. knowing the history that hidden buildings or streets disappear, identifying each point indicated in the old map. Drawing the sound tracks left by our steps on the territory. We establish a comparison between the routes and the action of walking, with the creation of musical scores that build a space, giving rise to a dialogue that is recorded in each of our movements.



Research, discovery, learning


Drawings of musical scores of the routes


Captura de pantalla 2018-04-17 a las 13.02.36

Letters found in the same period of the map. What is your content?
Making public the private, visible the invisible.

Giving value to the text and the word as an artistic work