Refugio _01 (2009,2010)

Installation of organic sculpture + Sound piece (footprints on the material and sound  of the natural environment)

Title: Refugio / Refuge 

*Beca Alnorte’09. Museo Barjola, Gijón, Asturias,2009
IV Scholarship Alnorte 2009. Project Fellow at the National Week of Contemporary Art in Asturias. Spain 
*Gallery Delegación Principado Asturias, Madrid, Spain,2010.
Material :”Esparto” natural fiber  + wheat spikes ( Natural material, collected by hand in the field from Mediterranean,  wheat called “Escanda”, wheat of the North of Spain, Asturias)   + farmland
Dimensions : 5 x 2 meters x 1,2 m ( can be adapted to any space)

Sonido de pieza









The Arts Council of North Carelia supports the Kolin Ryynänen ,  International Residence for artists and Culture Centre, Finland,2012

A look outside. Knit with our hands sculpture from natural materials. It has been growing in the Slash – and-burn-area in the natura park, Kolin , Finland.


Diary_02: Sound interpretation of geological morphology-Älvik,Norway

2013 – on going  
Project  research started during my  stay in Air Kunstnarhuset Messen ,Älvik, Hardanger, international artists residence in the heart of the Fjords, Norway, 2013.
Support :
–  Arts Council Norway, seven Hardanger municipalities and Hordaland County Council.
– Grant – Promotion Contemporary Art, Ministry of Culture of Spain.

Working concepts = here / now
“Acoustic experiment” (piece edited with mobile app, which can be heard when walking between the pieces)

Understanding that sculpture is an action.
Looking at a specific place and walking as a sound experience. Sculpture as a mystical experience. 
Every day drawings were made from the same position at different times of the day of the views of the morphology of the mountains, creating a musical composition with the profile of the lines. The drawing itself being the basis of an experimental process to create invented scores and sound waves that gave rise to sound / non-sound pieces, reflecting the change of our perception towards a landscape. Working a very personal concept of time / space and the changes of light that influence our visual perception.


2D barcode of the audio as a sound piece of the graphic representation of the sound (an analogy with the QR-CODE, code can be read in real time, appreciating the sound spectrum of the rural landscape, using the camera of the mobile phone through a free application for generate the code, as well as the visitor of the exhibition can in real time listen to the code using their mobiles of the exposed images which creates different pieces depending on the viewer, variable pieces that play with the intention and accident.


Research process

Sound perception / IMAGE-SOUND EDITOR

Profile of the nearby mountains  /  Visual perception


The use of the phone gives us immediacy, and playing with the here and now, transformation of the landscape,  as well as asking ourselves the use of technology and man in nature.

Captura de pantalla 2018-04-17 a las 12.12.11.jpg

WALK AS AN EXPERIENCE/ origin process

KSOSSFURU = Name Hiking route in Norway.
Following the way marked by the different grooves of the mountains.

Research process to feel the environment before beginning to the work about no-sound, knowing the morphology.
Photographs of the grooves that guided us to create our routes in the terrain, turning aside from the signs marked on the maps.



Route / project start