Listening to the language of the forest_Lab.01

Research + Prototype from my own laboratory at TUO TUO 08.2020 (FI)

Research AIR TUO TUO 08.2020

Work that establishes a relationship between art, science and ecology.

Work that began inspired by the Biologist Suzanne Simard, the scientist Santiago Ramón y Cajal, linking the beginning of the project during the participation in the Kelp Congress, Lofoten Islands during LIAF ,Norway, 2019. Developed my research and sculpture/ sound prototypes for the exhibition during my time in Joutsa, while in RESIDENCE AT TUO TUO ,Finland,Aug.2020. ( Listening to the language of the forest). The forest-based research was recontextualized with a focus on Mediterranean algae : Listening to the language of algae ,exhibition PLUS VI RESIDENCIAS DE CREACIÓN E INVESTIGACIÓN ARTÍSTICA at Museum of the University of Alicante (MUA) (18/09/20 – 18/10/20) , establishing relationships and links, under a new perspective.

Project that is close to a “pseudo-scientific” work on neurobiology and plant synapse, reproducing imperceptible phenomena of nature, whose graphic interpretation we transform into biosound, using “noise” and “non-sound” as a performance medium. They will give rise to a sound sculptural installation,fictitious laboratory. An experimental work of which I do not know the end.

My project began with drawing, walking, gathering, tasting, and map-making – an ongoing process which took place from different forest locations and times of day. I bore witness to the myriad perspectives of the forest surrounding TUO TUO, and created a musical composition with the profile of the physical lines drawn, turning her forest steps into music. I discovered a relationship between the composition and structure of plants to the human nervous system: listening to how plants “breath,” how their energy moves, how they “talk” to one another. 

I understand the sculpture = a living being, whose arteries transmit water and energy in which the electrical network functions as a nervous system.

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Research at TUO TUO 08.2020 ( FI)
Research at TUO TUO 08.2020 ( FI)
Prototype from my own laboratory at TUO TUO 08.2020

Walking as an experimental sound process, giving rise to cartographies emotions, “Sound psychographics.”

The images functioned as the basis for an experimental process of composing scores that gave rise to “non-sound” sculptures. 

Interpretation through drawings, the internal structure of plants, the network and connection under the ground through the root systems of trees, plants, and fungi; the underground communication that travels beyond our own understanding

Sonogram-Photography in Aluminum at The University of Alicante (MUA) 18/09/20-18/10/20

Lab 01 _ Black room at TUO TUO 08.2020
Sonogram TUO TUO forest 08.2020
TUO TUO 08.2020

Financiado por el fondo asistencial y cultural VEGAP ( ES)