Weaving my own forest

Project realized during stay in the international residence of artists, Air Van Gogh House. Zundert, Netherlands, 2014.
Title:Building my own garden
Material :Esparto Hand-knitted.

Constructions from ecological materials,recover ancestral techniques under a contemporary look. 
When the painting leaves the border of the painting to become a sculpture, using the materials of nature, represented in the landscapes of the work of the artist Van Gogh. 

From the materials used in previous works, we reuse ecologically to build new parts.

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Sculpture in collection, Van Gogh House, Zundert.


Sketches from my own garden.



Se plantea recuperar técnicas ancestrales bajo una mirada contemporánea / It is proposed to recover ancestral techniques under a contemporary look.

Research process

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small corner of the workshop, where ideas have emerged.
* project carried out during the stay at the House of Van Gogh, (place of family residence of the artist, currently converted by the Dutch Government, and the Brabant area of the Netherlands, as a residence for artistic research on the work of Vincent Van Gogh) feeling the energy of the place, establishing a relationship with the works of the same author, natural landscapes of their place of origin.

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