Labyrinth between mountains

Experimental project in Air KH Messen , Art Centre in the heart of the Hardangerfjord, Ålvik,Norway,2019 (January- March,3 months),

Open studio 22 Feb. and 26 Mar. Air KH Messen

Project of sculptural installation establishing the relationship between matter and space, developing 3 parts : a) Interpretation of landscape morphology in textile sculpture. Textile fiber material : Esparto ( ES)
b) Experimental acoustic ecology / Graphical representation of landscape in sound code. c)Video made with all the drawings and sketches of the sound graphics.

A piece of textile sculpture that will become an installation in the future, a sculpture that can be touched, smelled and felt.
Listen to the sound of the wind created from my drawings of the The landform that surrounded me.

Matter, body and space

Interpretation of landscape morphology in textile sculpture. // Prototypes (Models of future installation pieces as you can see in the sketches, piece of great height and suits the exhibition space)

Matter and space // Testing the refuge in the mountains and the flexibility of the material
Experimental acoustic ecology / Ålvik (NO) / Sound interpretation of geological morphology/

Video -Sound installation

Video made from joining all the drawings and sketches made during the process of sound experimentation + the sound is obtained after listening to one of the drawings by mobile app. ( Read instructions below).

Instructions about “no-sound” experimentation / Guide to be able to listen to the non-sound of the sculpture and the emptiness of the space that surrounds us :

Emotional orchestra of Messen,Ålvik, Norway,2019


2D barcode of the audio as a sound piece of the graphic representation of the sound (an analogy with the QR-CODE, code can be read in real time) .

Sound installation/ Read instructions of the piece

When we look inside the drawing of the mountains as if from a zum and we extend it, the small graphisms become musical codes.

Research process

Pieces sewn on paper, to play with the volume obtaining different “sound” qualities.
Graphic representations of industrial “No-sound” heard from the residence studio and “no-Sound” interpretation of geological morphology. The use of the telephone gives us immediacy playing with the concept here /now, on the other hand, we ask ourselves the use of technology and the influence of man in nature and the transformation of the landscape.

Drawing with my steps
Steps and routes made during my stay, sewn in cloth, transforming the steps into drawings and musical scores.
Sewing my own invented map related to the sites that have been important for me and with the material of my piece.

Views of the workshop